Get Relief from Constipation Only in 2 Minutes with this Powder

Everyone is suffering from constipation, indigestion and gas problems in the stomach because of irregular eating and poor lifestyle. you need to do to improve your lifestyle. Exercising daily, drinking plenty of water, eating gourds, fruits and green vegetables should definitely be consumed. Constipation, acidity, stomach jerk and gas can get rid from root. So, let’s tell you about the powder , which you can make very easily at home. It is very easy to make this powder.

Ingredients to make powder-

Black Salt

How to make-

First, roast the cumin seeds at a low pressure. After frying it finely grind it. Likewise, fry the celery and grind them. After that take black salt and mix these three things. Keep in mind that the quantity of these three should be the same. After mixing it well, put it in a box.

How to eat –

You can drink powders by mixing half a teaspoon of water in lukewarm water daily. It can take half hour after eating in the morning and evening. It will eliminate constipation from root.

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