Remove Upper Lips Hair With these 6 Easy Home Remedy

Women have to be embarrassed due to their upper lip hair. They do not get success even after using very expensive products to clean their upper lip hair. It is not possible to go to the parlor again and keep your upper lip hair clean. Wash your upper lip hair by adopting some home remedies.

Turmeric and Milk-

Take a spoonful of turmeric powder, a spoonful of milk, in a bowl. Apply this mixture slowly to your upper lip with your finger. After thoroughly drying, rinse and clean your skin. Then wash with cold water.

Eggs Whites-

Take a bowl of egg whites, a little bit of corn flour and sugar in a bowl. mix well to make sticky paste. Put this paste on the part of your upper lip and leave it for 30 minutes to dry. Then clear your skin. Do this way twice a week and in one month you will see its result.

Yogurt, Besan and turmeric-

Take yogurt, besan and turmeric powder in equal quantity in a bowl. Blend this mixture thoroughly and make paste. Massage this paste on your upper lip. After massage, leave for 15 to 20 minutes. Then scrub your skin and rinse it with cold water.

Sugar and lemon juice-

Take sugar in a pan and then heat it for one minute. Then add a little lemon juice. Dilute this mixture and make a thick liquid. Leave this mixture to cool down and then place it on the place of your upper lip. Put a cloth on your skin over the paste and rub it in the circular direction. Drape the cloth on the opposite side of the hair growth direction.

Chana Dal flour-

Take a little chana dal flour, a little water and a little turmeric powder in a vessel. Then mix it well. Add a little fresh cream to this paste. Leave this paste on your upper lip and leave it for drying. Clean the paste by scrubbing the opposite direction of hair growth.

Turmeric and water-

Take a spoonful of turmeric powder, a spoonful of water, in a bowl. Apply this mixture slowly to your upper lip with your finger. Leave for half an hour so that the pleasure becomes harder. Rinse your skin and clean it, then wash it with water. Do this for four weeks and you will see that there is no new hair coming out on your upper lip.


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