International Workers’ Day or International Labor Day – May 1

International workers Day is also known as International Labor Day and May Day, which is celebrated internationally for the promotion and promotion of the International Labor Association. It is celebrated all over the world on 1st May.

Purpose of celebrating Labor Day
In the past, the condition of the working class and the working class was extremely pathetic. Workers were employed for ten to fifteen hours a day. The work place was so heterogeneous and unfavorable that there were incidents of sudden death of laborers on the day-to-day work. Due to these circumstances, some workers in the USA began to raise voice for the welfare of workers by the Probation Troubleshooting Federation and the Socialist Union.

In the year 1884, at the National Convention of the City of Chicago, the statutory time of working for 8 hours per day was made for the working class / working class. It was a historic decision.

How International workers Day is celebrated- International workers’ day is celebrated annually as an official holiday throughout the world to celebrate the achievements of the laborers. People celebrate May Day or Labor Day happily by managing big party and various programs. Like the Independence Day celebration, they decorate banners and flags with colors.

This festival holds a historical significance throughout the world and is celebrated all over the world by the Labor Union. Various types of exhibitions, speeches, revolt rallies and parades are organized by the Working Group under security management to prevent violence.

It is the duty of all to give respect to the working class which is an integral and important part of any society. If injustice is being done to the workers in any place or they are being oppressed, then making the matter public and raising the voice against that evil is the duty of every responsible citizen.”

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