Get rid of dry cracked lips,Home Remedies for Chapped lips

Beautiful pink lips are often compared to the soft petals of the rose. The important part of the face is our lips. But due to the changing weather, the lips go to happiness and start posting. How to take care of these lips, so that they are soft and their color remains pink, let’s know.

1-If lip cracked, place some drops of oil or domestic ghee on the navel at bedtime.

2-Take out the coconut milk and apply it on the lips. This results in pinkness and tenderness of the lips.

3-If there is a shortage of water in the body, its effect immediately appears on the lips. Lips are dry after drinking not enough water.

4-Mixing the fine turmeric powder in the milk, cream, lightly mashing in the morning, removes the problem of lip.

5-Applying almond oil daily on the lips in the morning, it is OK to pursed lips.

6-If the lips have become black and dry, grind fresh leaves of rose flower and add glycerine. Closing the use of lipstick and applying it regularly on the lips, the lip becomes beautiful pink.

7-Mixing saffron in the butter, putting on the lips, the lips are pink and soft.

8-Applying a bit of salt to ghee, putting it on the lips and in the navel, the lip becomes soft.

9-Mixing finely turmeric powder in seasoned oil and putting it in the lamps on the lips and in the navel in the morning, the lip starts to break.

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