Home remedies for Get bringing glow in dark skin

Dark skin is a hypopigmented skin because it contains a low amount of melanin pigment, and due to which the color of the skin becomes dark or dark and there is no flaw. However, nowadays, in the polluted environment the color of the skin due to sunlight becomes dark or darker.
Those who have dark skins need more care, So let’s know.

Smart home remedies for Dark Skin-

1-Using the tomatoes, the color of skin shines. It gives the skin pink color. It absorbs oil from the skin and opens the closed hole.

2-Potato works like a natural bleaching agent. It fits the tone of the skin. Potato face packs can be easily made at home.

3-Sandalwood provides coolness to the skin. It also removes skin infections, rashes, bad skin, dark spots and other problems.

4-Mix the gram flour and turmeric with water. Apply this coating on the face and wash it with water after drying.

5-Make a paste of baked papaya paste. Massage the face and wash it after 10 minutes. The face will glow.

6-Make a paste of sandalwood powder and rose water and put it on the face. Then wash with water. There will be considerable benefits.

7-Mix one teaspoon of lemon juice with half a teaspoon of yogurt and wash it on the face and after drying, wash with plain water. Skin shade will come out

8-Grind the white part of raw coconut and make the solution. Apply it on the face or sun-covered skin and after 20 minutes wash with plain water.

9-Must be sunscreen (SPF 30) half an hour before leaving the sun.

10-Lemon cleans the skin. It also reduces dark spots. It also removes zones on the skin.
11-It is very useful for honey, mixing with lemon and milk. by this combination glow comes with the skin. You can also use honey with cucumber juice and curd.

12-Due to the use of oatmeal, dust and dirt stuck in the hole in the skin. Mix oatmeal, turmeric with water and make a paste. Apply this coating on the skin. Wash with lukewarm water after drying. Skin will shine.

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