Get Rid of Conjunctivitis Problem with These Home Remedies

Our delicate eyes have to undergo many problems. One of them is the presence of the eye can come from children to older people. Whenever the eyes come then there is very pain in the eye.
But if we do some homework when we get eye sight, then you get rid of the problem of eye irritation soon. You can use honey, nutmeg, turmeric, turmeric, coriander etc. in the home remedies for the eyes. Let’s know in detail about the home remedies on the eye.

When the eye comes, mixing salt with honey and getting it on the eye in the evening in the evening gets relief from this problem.
Grind nutmeg with milk and put it in the eyes and get rid of all the diseases related to your eyes.
Prepare the recipe for coriander and filter thoroughly. Now drop this decoction from the drop and keep it in the eye for two to three hours. Using it makes the eye comfortable. Before starting this decoction, add one drop of oil in the eyes. It is a very beneficial drug for eye irritation and eye pain

Boil the turmeric in water and filter it, then drop it into the eye and drop it. This reduces pain in your eye. This leads to sludge in the eyes and redness of the eyes and the disease ends. For this, you can experiment with color when using the turmeric color. Using turmeric-squeezed cloth gives the benefit of cleaning the eye.
Dry Ginger-
Soak the dry ginger in water and after 2-3 hours after dipping cotton in the water, eyes irritation and pain decrease.
Grind the kerosene of gram and mix it with hot water and thoroughly filter. Then putting it in the eyes, eyes and the eyes are cured.
Remove the juice of gooseberry and filter it in a cloth. By dropping the drop of this juice into the eyes, it is immediately removed from problems such as red eyes and irritation of the eyes.
Put the water of Triphala in the water, after some time, filter that water thoroughly after some time. Then spray them with water on four to five times in the day. It benefits from eye disease.
If the eye comes, then soak the herd in water at night. In the morning, filter the water with clothes and wash the eyes. It also removes the red eyes of the eyes.
Problems like removing the leaves of neem and macaroni and removing the eyes on the eyes will get rid of problems like reading of the eyes. Wash the eyes with numb water and then pour the rose water or alum water into the eyes by dropping the drop. It gives you comfort.
Wood apple leaves-
When the eye comes, drink the juice of vine leaves in the morning and make a paste of leaves and keep it on the eyes. This gives the eye a lot of comfort.

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