If you use smartphone in the dark, then may be problem

Most people use smartphones. But some of these are people who work on smartphones for a long period before sleeping or even in the dark. It has a great effect on the eyes and brain. There have been many research and studies about this, in which it has proved that it is dangerous to work on a smartphone screen in the dark. On the basis of these researches and studies, we are telling the 9-side effects of using the smartphone in the dark.
What does research say?
According to the research of the American Muscular Dissociation Foundation, if we work 30 minutes daily in the dark on the smartphone screen, then our eyes begin to dry. The eyes have a bad effect on the retina. Due to keeping this routine for a long time, the eyesight starts diminishing.
“In the same way Harvard University and University of Worcester, England’s research has proved that it is fatal to use smartphones in the dark. If you do not take precautions at the right time, it does not only have a bad effect on the eyes, but also affects other parts of the body.”
9-side effects
1-Eyes have a bad effect on the retina, eyesight can be weak
2-Melanin hormone levels decrease in the body due to which there can be problem of sleepiness.
3-Can be a problem of Stress.
4-The risk of brain tumor can increase and the brain may be weak.
5-Feeling tired throughout the day.
6-The brain has a bad effect on the optic nerve carrying the signal, which can cause glaucoma.
7-Focusing issues have a bad effect on what is the problem of focusing on anything.
8-Problem of redness in the eyes.
9-Dark Circles problem.

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