10 Travel Beauty tips, Female Male Beauty tips & Skin care

When exposed to dust, soil, sunlight and pollution during travel, the skin becomes dull, dusky and lifeless. How to Keep Skin Care During Traveling, Let’s Know.

1-Take the daily use of face wash, moisturizer, sunscreen and travel with you. Do not make any changes to the brand or quality of any product during travel.

2-Avoid use of beauty products or soaps available in the hotel. Chemical products may cause irritation of the skin or skin can also be rigid.

3-Take away the cleansing milk with you, if the traveler is taller, then twice a day is smaller, then once you clean the face with a cleansing milk, it will not have problems of acne.

4-Put the toner on face immediately after the use of the cleansing milk. This will close the open pore and remove black heads problems. Do not buy alcohol, artificial colors and perfume toners.

5-Keep lip balm in your purse and moisturize the lips well. Especially when you are traveling in the AC coaches, your lips will not be rigid.

6-Avoid making heavy make-up during travel. Use at least make-up products, such as: mascara in the eyes, light shed lipstick etc. on the lips.

7-Keep the handkerchief in your hand.Sure and wipe the face. Dust-clay sticking on the face Come on the handkerchief and the face will be clean and fresh.

8-Sunshine and pollution during travel Protecting eyes from Do not forget to apply sunglasses. This will ignite the eyes. It will not complain.

9-Before traveling, do not forget to apply sunscreen on the skin. Face and neck Besides, sunscreen should also be found on hands and feet.

10-Cold drink during travel Avoid drinking. Yes, a lot of water. Moisture of the skin due to this Will remain intact.

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