10 Hunger-enhancing foods, you must to eat

Exercise consumes more calories, due to which we need more food. But there is also the danger of having calories consumed by eating more or eating nutritious food. There are some foods that can be avoided by feeling hungry by eating, you also avoid eating too much and thus help in weight loss.


Dalia cooking is a great option in the morning breakfast. Oats or oatmeal is whole grains and contains enough amount of starch, fiber, etc. It is clear from the research that eating whole grains stomachs fill the stomach quickly and do not feel hungry for long periods of time. Fitter is abundant in oatmeal, which is called beta-glucone, which prevents carbohydrates from moving into excessive amount of body. Oatmeal blood sugar levels are also controlled and stable, which do not feel tired and do not want to eat things like biscuits, wafers.
Tip: To reduce calorie, make powder in water or cream without milk and instead of sugar add sugar or honey in it.


Research has shown that due to being carbohydrate, eating potatoes does not make hunger fast. But it would be better to eat it after boiling the potatoes. Make a boiled potato chut and eat it. You can also add boiled gram or sprouts to it. It does not feel hungry for four to five hours.
Tip: Instead of cutting the slices like chips, cut them into small pieces, pour light olive oil in it and bake in the oven until they are soft and crisp.

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Eating less by eating soup before eating is eaten as the soup acts like a filling or aptizer. By consuming less food you consume less calories. It is believed that if water is consumed before eating, then it does not satisfy hunger and thirst, but if it is found in vegetables or corn, the body takes it like food. A bowl soup not only provides you with adequate protein, vitamins and minerals, but also takes too much space in the stomach, which does not have the desire to eat anything else.
Tip: Drink low fat soup instead of soup containing cream or butter. You can drink soup of vegetables, beans, pulses, mushrooms, chicken, carrots etc.


Scientists believe that eating eggs in breakfast, not only exercise or exertion due to excursions, is eaten less frequently, and thus by consuming less calories, protein, carbohydrate and fat in the lunches Weight also decreases. At the same time the calorie intake remains low for the whole day and for the next 36 hours. It is believed that the protein present in the egg calms the appetite, which helps in getting fit and slim.
Tip: Avoid eating fried eggs, instead of boiled, eat scrambled egg or spawn and omelet and eat.

Whole-Whit Pasta:

Like oats, abundant fiber and starchy carbohydrates are also found in the hole grain pasta. There are three times more fiber than it is in the past. It regulates blood sugar levels, so it does not look very hungry after eating.
Tip: Eat it with low fat sauce.


When it comes to filling the stomach, generally people believe that banana is the only fruit that food stomach quickly fills. But eating oranges also fills the stomach because it contains 86 percent water, while banana is 75 percent. The food in which food is high, they calm our hunger quickly.
Tip: Eat orange instead of drinking orange juice. The fibers present in it are very beneficial and eating them also removes fatigue.


After exercising, if you want to eat something immediately, popcorn is more suitable and filling than chocolate, chips, cakes or pastries. Due to the formation of whole grains, it contains a high amount of fiber, which provide energy and is essential for the active.
Tip: Instead of eating popcorn made in butter, ghee, oil or salt, eat plain and oven or popcorn made in microwave.

Chana, Sprout or Beans:

These things are nutritious as well as fiber and proteins. It takes more time and effort to chew and digest, so the body’s requirement is met without eating too much.
Tip: Instead of using spices or cooked in oil and ghee, it is beneficial if they are boiled and eaten.


Add peanut to your diet. By consuming it you will feel that your belly is full. Like gram, sprouts or beans, they contain plenty of protein and fiber and it takes too much time to chew, which does not have the desire to eat for a long time. It can be eaten like snacks.
Tip: Roast it instead of eating and roasting it.

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Salad is one of the most healthful foods as well as an effective solution to stay slim and fit, especially when you eat it before meals. Whether it is fruit salad or vegetable salad, please include it in your diet.
Tip: Do not put oily dressing or mayonnaise in salad. If possible, eat it freshly as soon as possible.

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