10 Easy Natural Treatment for remove wrinkles from face

Wrinkles on the face are visible after coming to a fixed stage of age. Other reasons which cause premature and wrinkles on the face are those that come in contact with sun rays, smoking, using any drug, stress, sudden weight loss etc. Wrinkles can not be prevented more from coming to the skin, but there are many such home remedies that can help reduce their appearance.

Home Remedies for Wrinkles-

Mix bananas thoroughly and mix a little honey in it. Put it on the whole face It has less wrinkles, fine lines, etc.

Lemon juice-
Apply lemon juice over the forehead, mouth and wrinkles emerging around the eyes. Wash the face with cold water after 15 minutes. This causes wrinkles to decrease.

Coconut oil-
Adding a little orange juice to coconut oil can also make the face’s face soften by applying it on the face.

Grate the cucumber and add little curd to it. Apply on ready lip fine lines. Wash with a small amount of water after drying.

Egg yolk-
Put a tomato and lemon juice in equal quantity in a teaspoon egg yolk and put it on the face. Wrinkles will be reduced.

Cut the grapes and place the juice on a wrinkled spot. After 20 minutes, soak the cotton ball in a small water and wipe the face. By doing this regularly the wrinkles become light.

Grind raw apple on face and face. After 10-15 minutes wash with a little water. Apple cleanses the skin and makes even fine lines light.

Gram Flour-

Mix 1 tsp gram flour, 2 pinches turmeric, 5-6 bottles of olive oil and put it on the face. Wash the face with cold water after 20 minutes.

Pouring the rich Papaya with Vitamin A and putting it on the face comes in the skin and the wrinkles decrease.

Put a spoonful of urad dal powder in a teaspoon curd and place the prepared paste on the face. Sprinkle water after drying and wipe it with wet cotton.

Yoga for Wrinkles-

Causes of Wrinkles on the Face-


Smoking increases the age of skin very fast Inoculation of nicotine reduces blood circulation in the skin, thereby causing nutrient deficiency in your skin. Only then wrinkles are visible.

Lack of nutrition

Due to the lack of vitamin E and iron, the strain of the face goes faster and thereby wrinkles occur.

Exposure to sunlight-

Ultraviolet rays of the Sun go to the inside of the skin and destroy collagen causing wrinkles.

They come to your face from pollution present in air and promote wrinkles by eliminating skin collagen.

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