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Weather in monsoon is so romantic, but the biggest problem is how to maintain its look? Here we are offering easy makeup tips that you will get hot and sexy even in monsoon.

12 Monsoon makeup Guide-

1-Make Light and Natural Makeup.
2-You can use bright color waterproof lipstick for a stylish look.
3-Waterproof mascara and eye liner can also be installed.
4-In this season you can experiment with colors.
5-Do not use heavy foundation, blush etc.
6-If you have to make a make-up, then first rub the face on it, make up the make-up and it will not spread even after damping.
7-If your skin is dry or combination, then after applying toner, apply toner.
8-If the oily is there, then apply the estrangement after rubbing the alfalfa.
9-Creamy Pink, Light Brown, Pastel and Beige Colors in Ichheado are doing this season.
10-Use water-based moisturizers only.
11-Keep hair style simple, keep hair short, so it is better.
12-Keep eyebrows trim, because use of eyebrows pencils in this season is bad idea, it can smell and lose your look at any time.

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